Tips for Removing Home Odors



We all try to be aware of the odors in our homes, especially when we know we are having company over or are trying to sell a home. The most common odors in homes are things like smoke, mold, mildew, pets, foods, and spices. These odors can be a tough task to tackle. Luckily, there are a few home remedies you can try before having to call the professionals.


If you already read the previous blog post, you may remember the first step in removing smoke odor from a car. As with any odor, we want to remove as much of the source as we can. This includes ashtrays, pipes, cigarette butts, pet urine, foods, etc. After that, we always want to open windows and doors and air out the odor. This allows some of the molecules that are causing the odor to escape, making the job of removing it just a little easier.


Both smoke odors and cooking odors like curry, oil, and fish have a tendency to stick to surfaces. Once the area being treated has aired out, the surfaces need to be treated. There are a few different methods and household supplies we can use to try to break down the odor.


Vinegar is a great household product for odor removal and disinfecting surfaces. It works for a variety of odors but works well on pet urine. If pet urine is somewhere stubborn like carpet, you can try rubbing the vinegar in with a cloth and letting it set for a few minutes. Then, use water and a clean cloth to rinse it out. Keep in mind that vinegar not only helps with pet odors but can assist with cooking odors, especially oil and spices. Wiping down surfaces in the kitchen will break down the oil that is causing the odors. A quick remedy for spices is to boil some vinegar on the stove, allowing it to permeate throughout the area to neutralize the odor.


Smoke odors, such as tobacco or marijuana, can sometimes be difficult to remove. Washing is essential after airing out the home. Simply using soap and warm water will get much of the odor-causing tar to be removed from surfaces like blinds, walls, and screens. Another common household item that can be used for smoke is bleach. This may seem alarming, which it should be. Bleach is very powerful! Be sure to dilute bleach by putting a capful for each gallon of water used. Apply to all surfaces that it can be safely applied to. These two methods for smoke odor removal should get the smell of the home in the right direction.


As mentioned earlier, odors can be very difficult to remove. Depending on the severity of the odors and how long the odor-causing activity occurred, normal home remedies may not be sufficient. If the odor is extreme, it should be left to the trained experts. Visit us at , and we will be happy to assist you!


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